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                              CRB is Texas Raised grass-fed, and grain finished. We process our                                                      steers to maximize high-quality steak cuts. We dry age the finished                                                      carcass for a minimum 14-days. USDA Certified Prime carcasses are                                                  dry aged 28-days.


We contract Rail19 Meat Processing for our custom processing for several reasons, most important being their extreme attention to humane harvesting and processing. All of the cattle are our pets and friends, tame to hand feed and we love them, so this is very important to us, as well as to the ultimate quality of the meat. Rail19 is also a USDA Inspection processor to certify the quality and stamp Prime Beef when applicable.


We also subscribe to the processes of The Bearded Butchers

and Whitefeather Meats in Ohio and recommend you follow

these companies on social media for great meat cooking and

handling tips. They are the best of the best!

Why Dry Aging

Over the last several decades, dry aging process has been all but eliminated by mass meat processors to cut costs and processing time and increasing profits of heavier meat cuts. Dry aging results in a reduced carcass weight due to water loss in the process, which is not favorable to the mass meat processor. This water loss results in more meat and water purchased in each meat cut, especially prime steak cuts. The dry aging process also produces a safer meat product due to log period of exposure to cold air that kills E. coli and salmonella bacteria on the carcass. The extra hang time also allows natural enzymes to begin to break down muscle fibers. Ultimately, dry aging creates a robust beefy taste and very tender prime selection steak cuts.


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